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8,000 new jobs at new motor assembly factory

August 7, 2012 No Comments »

Some 8,000 jobs are set to be created by a new US$1.3 billion investment to build a motor assembly plant in Zambia.

The Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTZA) has entered an agreement with Savenda Management Services and Savenda Africa Holdings to establish a motor assembly plant for 4,000 trucks in addition to the assembly of Savenda Roller packs.

Savenda Group Director, Clever Mpoha said: “This partnership collectively will create well over 8,000 jobs and we are established to manage this process very well because of the economic benefits.”

Under the agreement, 700 of the 4,000 trucks produced have been committed to PTZA.

At a signing of the agreement between the three parties, Roberto Sabbadin, president of PTZA urged the Energy Regulation Board to be proactive in its regulatory role.

He said the association was worried that a number of foreign trucks in Zambia dealing in the transportation  of petroleum did  not meet the minimum safety standards to move dangerous goods.

“We believe as an association that ERB needs urgent reform,” said Mr Sabbadin.


The investment will bring 700 new petroleum tankers into Zambia, help to improve standards in the sector and help to fight for increased market share.

He said the investment would as a result create more than 4,000 jobs which would represent an investment of $300 million.

 “This investment will create more than 4,000 jobs and will represent an investment of $300 million,” he said.

Mr Sabbadin said the entry of the trucks would enhance movement of petroleum products within the country and internationally.

He  also called on the Government to deliberately provide special incentives for the new enterprise and said the association was committed to helping Zambia’s long-term vision by the year 2030.

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