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Cochran Cochran Annapolis Launches DUI and DWI Defense and Professional License Suspension Site – Press Releases

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ANNAPOLIS, Md., Sept. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Drew Cochran Law, an Annapolis criminal law firm, headed by famed attorney Gill “Drew” Cochran, just launched the website to help people in Annapolis charged with criminal offenses and facing professional license suspension protect their rights.

Whatever happened, Drew Cochran Law wants you to know that we will defend you aggressively. Cochran Cochran Annapolis Law.Com offers advice for people facing Annapolis criminal charges.

“A professional license is the key to a medical or professional's livelihood, said Gill “Drew” Cochran. “If you are facing criminal charges or a challenge to your professional license, do not face it alone. Seek out a skilled attorney who has the experience and resources to mount an effective defense on your behalf.”

At Drew Cochran Law we know that protecting your professional license is an absolute priority for you, and professional license defense is one of the priorities of our legal practice.

Professional licensure challenges can stem from allegations of violations ranging in seriousness from faulty record keeping to accusations of unethical behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, quality of care, sexual improprieties, serious medical or dental malpractice or even criminal billing fraud.

At Drew Cochran Law our professional license defense begins with a thorough investigation of the allegations. Working closely with you, we work to develop an aggressive, effective strategy to protect your license.

That strategy may include:

  • Negotiating for dismissal of the allegations
  • Negotiating for lesser sanctions and fines
  • Representation in licensing board hearings
  • Petitioning for reinstatement of a revoked or suspended license

Appealing any negative adjudication by the licensing board, including appeals of professional license suspensions or revocations, sanctions and fines.

About Drew Cochran Law

Drew Cochran Law is an aggressive criminal defense law firm, based on years of experience working on the front lines of the criminal system. The firm's success hinges on an extraordinarily thorough review of evidence and skill in trial litigation.

Clients know that Drew Cochran fights hard, a reputation that surrounds each case and affects perceptions of all involved, even opposing counsel, and often creates outstanding resolution opportunities. For more information, please call 410-271-1892 or visit or

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