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Fantasy Politics Announces National Championship with Prizes – Press Releases

August 23, 2012 No Comments »

BOSTON, Aug. 23, 2012  /PRNewswire/ — Fantasy Politics today announced its highly anticipated National Championship game. The National Championship game rewards winning players' skills with prizes and is easy to play since it does not require league creation or a draft process.

“The National Championship version of the game appeals to political junkies and armchair politicians alike. It is friendly to the beginning player and offers prizes along with bragging rights for the players with the best skills and knowledge,” said CEO Aaron Michel.

The top ten players can say that they are the top pundits in the country. Anyone can play by registering and picking a team of incumbents, sideline politicians and pundits they believe will score the most points. The key to winning is being politically savvy enough to anticipate momentum-changing events and adjusting your weekly lineup to score maximum points. Registration is only $25 and players can sign up starting on Friday, August 24 at 

As Benjamin Stingle recently told the Boston Herald, “As a guy who was never that into sports, I like more intellectual topics, like politics. I'm excited to have my version of a fantasy game, about issues I care about.”

The mission of Fantasy Politics is to engage and educate the American public about its leaders and the political process and to give political junkies an online gaming experience to compete with each other. 

Beyond the gaming experience, Fantasy Politics collects over 15 data points on every political figure to create a Power Score, a relative measure of political momentum. The Power Score measures the current influence, effectiveness, and popularity of a politician or pundit. Power Scores are accessible on the website and provide insights that aren't typically gained from polling results and news stories. The game also serves as an educational tool to get students of all ages more engaged in politics and current events.

“It has all the right ingredients,” said Scott Ferson, the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy's former press secretary. “It's informative in the same way fantasy sports is: If you're involved in it, you're going to be more informed than the casual observer.”

Rock the Vote, Intrade, Open Secrets, The National College Republicans and Voto Latino have partnered with Fantasy Politics on this project.

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