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IT Hardware Leasing Solution From Prime Asset Source Private Ltd. – Press Releases

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BANGALORE, August 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Prime Asset Source Private Ltd. has come up with IT equipment leasing option that is user friendly and cost productive. IT is fast becoming the backbone of any industry. Servers, laptops, desktops, and switches of the latest technology have become the need of any thriving business setup.

Simultaneously, this expensive equipment is becoming outdated very fast. After investing a huge chunk of your finances, it is a blow to spend more on updating these state-of-the-art machines. Bank loans take forever to materialize and are full of hassles and red tape. With the global slowdown, funding for IT hardware equipment is getting difficult. Banks look for 100% collateral security for such funding.

In today's fast-moving business environment, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with an even faster pace of technology advancements as IT hardware manufacturers and software developers continuously introduce new and better equipment to make users more productive.

Prime Asset Source Private Ltd. offers a solution to these woes. It focuses exclusively on equipment leasing and renting. PAS provides solutions not only for large business setup but also for smaller enterprises too. Even equipment costing as less as a couple of lakhs are available on lease at PAS. The B2B customers are provided with a fast solution that offers a tax effective and cash flow friendly way to access the IT equipment they need.

PAS deals in various IT paraphernalia like laptops, desktops, servers, HPC clusters, Unix servers, data storage and networking products from well-known brands like Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, IBM, Cisco, SUN, etc. They also offer complete range of hardware required for setting up an animation studio with workstations with the latest Quadro range of graphics cards, render servers, networking equipment & storages customized for animation studio requirements.

The B/W laser & color laser printers, copiers, multifunction devises are available on per print basis. There is no cost for the printing device.

Prime Asset Source has a large inventory of range of equipment available on short term renting, from entry level desktops to high end servers. They can be leased for any period ranging from one to three years.

There is a great flexibility in the payments too, which can be scheduled monthly, quarterly or half yearly. The lease amount depends upon the cost of the equipment leased and the duration of the lease. Their strategic tie-up with most of the leading brands helps customers get better pricing as well as warranty support.

The clients also have the option to buy the equipment after the completion of the rental tenure. The configurations of the hardware can be upgraded any time during the contract period. The client has the flexibility to extend the rental period, return early, or change the equipment to latest products anytime.

PAS also has an interesting scheme called the Sell & Rent Back offer. They buy the client's existing equipment at its current market value and rent it back to them for the remainder of its perceived useful life. Sell & Rent Back is also ideal for companies who also want to avoid any capital loss associated with the disposal of asset.

Renting equipment also has a tax benefit as the lease amount can be treated as an expense while booking the accounts. Also the customer is free of complex calculations involved in the depreciation and maintenance of assets. The value of IT hardware decreases very fast and what was really expensive today is totally worthless in a couple of years. Also there is the added hassle of procuring the hardware from different vendors.

About Prime Asset Source Private Ltd.

Prime Asset Source Private Limited, a group company of Digital Waves, was setup with very clear vision for delivering a fast, simple finance solution for businesses, small and big. Their customers are both B2B (Channel Partners) & B2C (Corporates, Government, Academic, Research/Development Institutes, End-Users, etc.). The Annual turnover of Digital Waves group in India is close to 100 crores today.

PAS has its head office at Bangalore with branches at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi & Trivandrum. They are well versed with the setup as they have been in IT lease business for around 12 years.

Primary Media Contact: Preet Sonawala,, 91-9845588444

Secondary Media Contact: Kaushik Sonawala,, 91-80-42622444

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