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Leading politicians give economic blessing to Nigeria – Business Leaders

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 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has praised the Nigerian government for doing all it can to improve its economy and he appealed to foreign investors to use their knowledge to help on issues such as education, reform and infrastructure.

Blair, who was speaking at the 3rd Nigeria Investment Summit, said despite the security and economic challenges the country was facing, it would not fail economically because public investment opportunity in Nigeria had been raised to a commendable level.

He said he envisaged a new generation of people and leaders in business and politics coming together to develop Nigeria.

The event, held in New York, was jointly organised by the Nigerian Mission to the UN and the African Business Roundtable.

Blair was one of several high-ranking politicians welcomed to the summit by President Goodluck Jonathan including former US Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice and National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ahlaji Bamanga Tukur.

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The President said investors in Nigeria must work hard to create jobs and opportunities and assured foreign investors that his administration was totally committed to creating an enabling environment for them.

He said:”I have a policy and it is that for a nation to change or develop, you cannot do everything because if you do so, you will not go anywhere as a result of lack of resources to do it. You only have to pick some vital things and do them, and by so doing, you will make a complete change."

Rice: "It is not the duty of the workers to make this work but the duty of the business community as well as the international community. There is a responsibility for the government to ensure that both local and foreign companies start interacting with them well so as to get the desired economic results"

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