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Majority of Men Wants to Hide Belly – Press Releases

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ANDIJK, Netherlands, September 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

New Knap'man fulfills growing demand for shapewear for men

As many as 77 percent of all European men would like to hide their love handles and (beer) bellies by wearing shapewear. So says a survey of the Dutch company Shapewear for Men, in which over 1200 European men and women participated. To meet the growing demand for corrective shirts and boxer shorts and to be less dependent on deliveries from Australia or America, the company designed and launched its own product: Knap'man.

According to the survey, wearing shapewear is more often generally accepted by men. Of all participants 22 percent knows what shapewear is and 56 percent wears it not only because it looks better but also because it looks more masculine. Only 11 percents thinks wearing shapewear shirts and shorts is ridiculous.

Women have also discovered shapewear. 43 percent of the female participants knows it and 61 percent welcomes men hiding their rolls of fat this way. A major 58 percent thinks wearing shapewear makes men elegant and distinct.

The moment Shapewear for Men started selling shapewear in 2010, it was an enormous hit. When the importer faced delivery problems the company decided to develop its own improved version of shapewear. Knap'man is developed and produced entirely in Europe. Compared to other brands it has built-in body encircled compression layers which improve posture, back and muscles, and can reduce back pain. They also support the front, transforming torso and belly.

,,Our system is unique. Knap'mans technology originates from physical therapy. We apply it in the new generation shapewear for men,” says Max Kramer of Shapewear, market leader in the Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The company used its client experiences from the past 2,5 years to develop an improved product. According to Kramer wearing Knap'man gives more comfort than other products. Built-in silver ions provide permanent anti-bacteria and anti-odour protection, making it also popular with sportsmen

Until now shapewear was only sold on the internet, but Knap'man will be available in 'real' stores too.

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Note to editors: For further information, please contact  Max Kramer of Knap'man, Tel: +31-228-593359, Mob:+31 06 53977694, e-mail: Knap'man especially invites journalists to order and test  free shirts and shorts themselves.


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