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Meet the First iPhone 5 Owner in the World – Press Releases

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SYDNEY, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

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Todd Foot, Publisher of is the first iPhone 5 owner in the world, having camped outside the Apple store in Sydney since Tuesday. As New Zealand does not have an Apple store, Sydney was the first in the world to sell the iPhone 5 today.

80.6%[1] of Australians are planning to purchase the new smart phone. 73.4% have not used a mobile phone comparison website.

Mr. Foot has the following top 3 tips for those planning on switching to an iPhone 5:

1. Outright or with a plan
If you have the cash it's cheaper to buy a phone outright and get a sim card from some of the wholesale providers. Make sure to compare sim only card providers as there is quite a bit of variance in their already hyper competitive offers. It's also important to remember that the iPhone 5 has a nano sim and so you will need to upgrade your sim card to one of these smaller chips.

2. Compare plans and prices
Use a comparison website like to compare plans and prices to save yourself money. Plans require either a 24 or 12 month commitment so it's best to compare before you buy and find the right plan to suit your needs.

3. Waitlists mean higher prices – a little patience will save you money
There are always benefits in waiting for your deal to go down in price after the first release. Generally mobile phone companies lower their handset costs over time and this will give you a better chance to get a cheaper deal.

Fred Schebesta Director of and Todd Foot Publishing Manager of will be available for interviews. is a mobile phone and plan comparison service helping Australians save money by comparing phone costs and specs. Get a better understanding of the new iPhone 5 and other devices and plans at

For more information on Mobile Phone Finder visit:

[1] According to a survey of over 2,298 Australian consumers by, September 2012

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