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New Bad Credit Personal Loans from Top Aggregator – Press Releases

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MIAMI, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —, the leading aggregator of poor credit online lending companies, announces that a range of new bad credit personal loans can be applied for via its online application. The platform has been busy considering a number of prospective lenders to include in its search engine and has recently inducted several additional companies into the aggregator service which is now live-linked to all the lenders.

The website hopes that its new inclusions will prove popular with would-be borrowers that are looking for competitively priced finance options to be delivered fast. After completion of a short and easy-to-follow online application, an individual can receive approval for the loan almost immediately. The application form takes less than 90 seconds to complete and in the majority of cases, loan funds can be directly transferred into a checking account from 1 to 24 hours later.

A spokesperson for made the announcement.

“QuickLoansBadCredit is happy to announce a new range of loans for bad credit can now be applied for and compared through our “search and match” service. We are not lenders but we have developed and cultivated excellent working relationships with some of the best names in the business. We have collated all of these companies together on our website and can offer consumers the opportunity to apply for a quick, no-questions-asked personal loan from any computer.”

When asked if poor credit standing was an issue, the spokesperson reassured potential applicants.

“Absolutely not. Our partnered lenders are “adverse credit” specialists, meaning that they are niche lenders who focus on helping those with tricky fiscal histories or difficult present circumstances with money. No credit checking will take place when applying for bad credit loans with any of our featured lenders. This means that there is no barrier to many people receiving approval and that much needed extra cash as quickly as they need it. Simply drop by the website and spend a few seconds seeing what these lenders can do to assist. It is just as easy as it sounds.”

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