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New eCommerce Platform Helps Independent Writers and Musicians Sell Their Work and Keep The Most Profits – Press Releases

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NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – With increased challenges facing independent artists and authors, reKiosk—an  alternative distribution solution for independent creatives—opens its virtual doors today. It's the first socially networked, turnkey solution to offer individual creators, labels, publishers and anyone interested in promoting indie media a free and easy way to sell and market digital media.

Founded by brother and sister Aziz and Darya Isham, reKiosk allows anyone, anywhere to open an online store to sell ebooks and music. Not only can artists and creators sign up to sell their own products directly, reKiosk also has a one-of-a-kind affiliate model that pays 'reKioskers' for every sale made from their kiosk, no matter whose product it is.

reKiosk has already established relationships with some of the biggest names in independent publishing and music, including Grove Atlantic, O/R Books, and PledgeMusic. The platform allows individuals, publishers and record labels to sell their entire catalogs, no matter how large or small.

reKiosk is a social media platform in addition to e-retailer.  reKiosk allows community interaction based upon each individual's personally cultivated digital store, or 'kiosk'. Kiosks allow curators with similar tastes and passions the chance to discover great new indie bands or lesser-known authors. Creators can retain as much as 95% of each sale because the middleman gets cut out. Users sell directly to their friends, fans and followers through integrated social networks.  Any user who buys a digital file can then become a distributor, selling to their own sets of friends and followers and retaining 25% of each subsequent sale. Meanwhile, the file's original creator always reaps 70% of every sale.

“reKiosk is a way to sell directly to your fans, and have your fans sell for you. We believe that the digital age means that writers and musicians shouldn't have to give their products away – we're solving the distribution crisis by creating a platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to open a digital storefront and sell what they love,” says co-founder, Aziz Isham.

reKiosk is wrapped in an ethos geared towards promoting independent media: Everyone is on a level playing field, no ads and no special treatment for big companies. Searching is curated by people, not algorithms, to help you find great products and share them across integrated social media platforms.

Contact: Lisa Weinert,, 917.399.5268

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