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Nuclear power station is a possibility for Namibia – Business Leaders

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The possibility of building a nuclear power station in Namibia has not been ruled out by the country’s Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Namibia’s current inadequate power supply infrastructure has prompted its government to consider a variety of power sources.

At an Electricity Supply Industry Stakeholders Forum in Rundu, the Minister of Mines and Energy (MME), Isak Katali revealed the door was left open to the possibility of harnessing nuclear power to meet the country’s power demands.

He said. "I am not saying we will have a nuclear plant, all I am saying is that government through our ministry and the electricity supply industry are looking at all power sources, among them, wind energy, hydro and coal-fired stations, a solar thermal collector and the possibility of a nuclear power station in the future.”

Namibians are opposed to the idea of using nuclear power because of safety fears, but Katali says the Ministry has completed a nuclear cycle policy to investigate how nuclear power can be harnessed to satisfy the country’s growing energy needs.


However, following the nuclear disaster in Japan last year at Fukushima Daiichi there would undoubtedly be pressure on Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy to give reassurances regarding the safety of such an undertaking.

Powers such as Japan, who have experienced effects of nuclear disaster, have since become staunch activists for a nuclear-free world and total nuclear disarmament in all countries.

With the country scrambling for new energy sources, including coal-fired power stations, biomass and wind power, nuclear aspirations are seen as contrary to government's advocacy for green energy.

Katali says NamPower plans to construct eight more power stations in the country to ensure that the country's dependence on imports become a thing of the past. He said due to the shortage of power supply in the SADC region, there is a need for increased power generation capacity.

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