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ONPATH Packet Blade Earns Tolly Group Certification for Industry-Leading Features – Press Releases

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MARLTON, N.J., Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ONPATH Technologies, the leader in scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high performance networks, today announced that its Universal Connectivity System (UCS) Packet Blade (P-Blade) has been certified by the Tolly Group, an independent provider of third-party testing and validation services for the IT industry.

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In their assessment, Tolly evaluated the scalability, functionality, and ease of management of ONPATH's UCS P-Blade, which also serves as a Network Packet Broker, and ONPATH's HorizON management and monitoring software. The P-Blade provides ultra-low latency in a highly flexible, scalable Layer 1-4 platform, designed to improve network and application performance monitoring, network security, and forensic recording. The UCS 3900 switch family provides P-Blade based solutions ranging from 16 ports to 576 non-blocking ports of 1/10 Gbps or up to 48 ports of 40Gbps non-blocking ports, providing the ultimate in scalability and investment protection.

ONPATH's HorizON centralized management platform delivers a simple graphical user interface for integrated connectivity, filtering, and aggregation features for centralized visibility across multiple UCS 3900 chassis and thousands of connections.

Highlights of the Tolly report findings include:

  • Latency and Throughput: As application and service monitoring is increasingly critical for Enterprise and Service Providers, the monitoring infrastructure must provide low-latency and lossless connectivity. Test results show the 3900 system delivers 100% line rate in all instances, including  bi-directional throughput, aggregation, load balancing, and broadcast functions, where throughput tests exercised all 48 – 10GbE ports on each blade with all ports both transmitting and receiving traffic. The same performance tests were run using 4 – 40GbE ports and, again, the tests resulted in 100% line rate performance.
  • Aggregation and Load Balancing: The aggregation and load balancing of traffic from SPAN/TAP ports to monitoring tools reduces costs and increases visibility in your network. Test results show the 3900 aggregates individual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and sends them to 10GbE ports, and delivers 100% line rate throughput. When passing 10G streams, and load balancing the traffic to multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, the system also delivers 100% line rate throughput.
  • Broadcast: Broadcasting traffic from a SPAN/TAP port enables network engineering, performance engineering, security, and operations teams to easily share traffic for monitoring and analysis. Test results show traffic from one 10GbE port can be replicated to multiple other 10GbE ports with 100% line rate performance.
  • Filtering: The flexible filtering of monitoring traffic for specific applications reduces the tax on network infrastructure and extends the capacity of monitoring tools. Test results show the UCS 3900 can filter traffic based on a variety of important fields in the L2-4 headers.
  • Management and Ease of Use: Tolly certified that the ONPATH HorizON centralized management platform has a clean layout, and proves intuitive and easy to use for managing multiple 3900 chassis and hundreds of connections. Initial setup from the HorizON web-based client was a quick and simple procedure, and within an hour of unboxing, the UCS system was in use with traffic maps defined. Tolly was able to define/add new switches to the network topology, creating traffic maps across groups of ports easily using the HorizON GUI.

“Our test results validate that ONPATH's UCS Packet Blade meets the requirements of a network packet broker by providing a flexible solution for various network monitoring applications,” said Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group. “The UCS 3900 proves to be a scalable platform for reliable packet transport, and coupled with the HorizON centralized management software, the company delivers an effective monitoring access solution for managing multiple systems across multiple geographies.”

“ONPATH developed our UCS family to provide customers with a scalable, flexible, future-proof solution previously unavailable in the market,” said Gene Litt, VP of Marketing for ONPATH. “Utilizing our HorizON centralized management system and our latest Packet Blade technology, customers now have monitoring access with advanced features, anytime and from any site in the world, along with the ability to seamlessly scale their networks to thousands of ports.

To view the complete Tolly Group Report on ONPATH's UCS 3900 Packet Blade and HorizON centralized management platform, visit ONPATH Tolly Group Certification.


ONPATH Technologies is the leading provider of scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high-performance networks. ONPATH's Universal Connectivity System Connectivity System and HorizON Software deliver an advanced platform that automates and secures data center and test infrastructure to help network managers conserve time, increase utilization, and save money compared to manual patching, static TAPS, SPAN ports, or complex mesh switching architectures. ONPATH currently has over one million installed ports throughout Fortune 1,000 and Government customers. For more information, visit

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