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Punch TV's Newest Series, Eros, Opens With The True Story Of A Man, 30, Who Marries A Woman, 65 – Press Releases

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – (OTCQB: ICPA) With a roster of shows that includes 70% original programming, Punch TV's production team is never idle. In July, Punch TV began filming its highly unique mini-series, EROS, as the last of its shows slated for airing in the Fall of 2012.

“EROS, as is true for all Punch TV originals, is quite different,” says Joseph E. Collins, the President of IC places, Inc., Founder and President of Punch TV Network. “We hear, see, and view so much entertainment contents about unrequited love — that Punch TV wanted to provide viewers with true stories that demonstrated that true love…storybook love, is possible. EROS consists of a group of true mini-series about real people who have experienced incredibly beautiful emotional and physical love,” continued Mr. Collins. Steve Samblis, IC Places Chief Executive Officer, says, “The first EROS mini-series is called Emmanuel and Me. It is the true story of a 30-year old Cameroonian businessman who meets and marries a 65-year old American business woman.”

Punch TV's unique approach to independent television is very much apparent in EROS: Mini-Series #1, Emmanuel and Me. “Rather than casting the show based upon the physical resemblance to the real life characters, the show was cast based upon whether their spirit and essence reflected that of the persons upon whom their characters were based,” says Sid Burston, the Punch TV in-house staff-person who is the Director and Producer of EROS.

EROS Co-Director, veteran actor Fitz Houston, points out another incident that reveals Punch TV commitment to the spirit of independent television, “It was 3:00 a.m. in the morning and an actor became too ill to perform, panicked, we called Joseph Collins. Joseph got out of bed, came to the location and performed the role himself,” Mr. Houston continued.

EROS can be viewed on Punch TV Network as part of its Fall lineup of shows. This three episode mini-series, Emmanuel and Me is a story that speaks to the possibility of love for individuals everywhere.

About Punch Television Network

Launched in October 2012, IC Places' Punch Television Network is poised to begin airing its new season of programs on Saturday, September 1, 2012. Approximately 70% of this programming is original. Viewers will be able to access new detective shows such as Port City PD and Second District. Additionally, The Hollywood Fast Lane and Luisa will link viewers more closely with the world of Hollywood. The Punch TV original, Filbert's Big Bash will enchant the children of the Houston area through its family of lovable dinosaurs. The gangsters in Get Thee Behind Me will intrigue. Punch TV believes that Americans are already thirsty for its new programming.

About IC Places:

The future of entertainment has arrived with IC Places.  IC Places is a public company which trades on the OTCQB: Symbol ICPA. ( )

Uniquely sensitive to the fact that the world's populations want to access its entertainment, when, where, and how they want it, IC Places is a transmedia entertainment complex that produces entertainment content for distribution across multiple mediums. 

On August 11th 2012, IC Places announced it had completed the purchase of Punch TV Network giving the company a broadcast TV network available in 50 million households. This network is growing rapidly every month. In August 2012, the network expanded into New York and Houston TX adding 14 million households. Punch TV Network has a roster of original programing which includes 36 new dramas, comedies, variety shows, talk shows, children's shows, and inspirational entertainment.

Through multiple long term partnerships, clips and full episodes of the company's shows are available to more than 300 million people a month outside the traditional set top box. This exposure serves as both a profit center and marketing component promoting the TV Network, its line up and the company's new media specific programming across multiple platforms.

One of the core components of this multiple platform approach is IC Places 350 city-based websites. These online “websites/TV stations” offer virtual keyhole views of life in each community they serve. These sites offer local, regional and national news, as well as programing. They deliver Punch TV to communities in which the network is not currently available through traditional means.  

In May of 2012, IC Places signed a content distribution and development agreement with connectiVISION Digital Networks for their new Clear Vision Airport Network. connectiVISION Digital Networks for the Healthcare Industry expands that agreement by adding IC Places content to the Away From Home Television network in waiting areas of Hospitals, Doctors offices, Clinics and Care Centers across the country. This extended ad based network offers IC Places another another revenue stream for the shows it produces as well as additional  exposure for its newly acquired Punch TV Network. 

Additional partnerships deliver IC Places content to Checkout TV Network, HDTV network, Dining Network further expanding its footprint in breadth and depth to levels unimaginable as recent as a decade ago.

To complete its reach, IC Places signed a 2nd window and International Distribution Agreement with Spartan Bay, a company that will profitably deliver IC Places shows to markets around the world.

Through the long arm reach of an intricately woven network of partnerships and owned properties, IC Places stands out as one of the most unique diversified transmedia companies on the planet. Its structure offers the and greatest opportunity to generate the highest level of market awareness and profit for the shows it produces. 

IC Places Safe Harbor Statement
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on the current plans and expectations of management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect the company's current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. (A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company's business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.) The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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