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vsJack, the Future of Blackjack, Without the House – Press Releases

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LONDON, September 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

vsJack has released the worlds only player vs player blackjack game. Players no longer face up against a casino but instead play against other players in a game where the dealer position rotates.

The unique design and feel of the game makes this new blackjack game stick out in a world of copycat poker software and identical casino games. “We are excited about giving players a new choice.” says David Nelson, spokesperson for vsJack. “Blackjack is one the games with the broadest appeal and it was about time someone built a version that deserves the name online blackjack.” offers a chance for players to play for free just for fun or with real money.  In the near future, they will be adding blackjack tournaments to the list of current offerings. Their focus on innovation means they are planning to continually update and add new functions to the games there. The team behind the product, a group of gaming industry veterans  from Bodog, bwin and more, are focused on making the experience as fun for the players as possible. “We don't feel bogged down by the old rules of the online poker and blackjack world. We see great possibilities of bringing a more modern gaming feel to blackjack.”

“Though we are a new company in the gaming industry, we bring years of combined experience from veteran executives and developers previously with leading companies in the online gaming market.  We are especially sensitive to customer concerns about security and safety in the game and on the financial side.” 

You can find the games at and a forum at where the team listens to and answers feedback and questions on online blackjack.


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