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Wastech Controls and Engineering, Inc. Offers Engineered Solutions for Acid Dilution and Blending, and Acid Waste Neutralization – Press Releases

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CHATSWORTH, Calif., Aug. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Wastech Controls and Engineering, Inc., designs and manufactures solutions for industrial acid dilution and blending, as well as acid waste neutralization. Industries often need to adjust the strength of acids to meet their process requirements, as well as to treat the resulting wastes to neutralize the acids. Wastech engineers systems that complete these tasks effectively and efficiently with a low operating cost, low capital investment, and a low maintenance cost.

Acid dilution and blending is a necessity for most industries that utilize acids in their manufacturing process. Most manufacturers must dilute the acids to a specific concentration to meet their needs. Wastech's acid dilution and blending systems are designed with safety in mind, and they meet all industry regulations. Wastech manufactures systems for both continuous and batch dilution and blending, and heat removal systems are available for exothermic acids.

Waste acid neutralization systems are used when industrial centers treat acid wastes for discharge. Wastech's waste acid neutralization systems help industrial plants bring the level of acids to the required concentration, or below the required concentration, so the waste can be discharged. Wastech manufactures waste acid neutralization systems that can process asulfuric acids of up to 30 percent concentration, as well as exothermic acids and other inorganic acids in various concentrations.

In addition to acid dilution and blending systems and acid waste neutralization, Wastech also designs and manufactures pH adjustment systems, pH neutralization systems, solvent collection systems, pump lift station systems, and heavy metal removal systems. The company also manufactures the well-known LabDELTA waste treatment systems. Wastech can design custom systems to meet a customer's specific needs, such as a larger system or a system that is specifically designed to deal with a particular acid or waste.

Wastech Controls and Engineering is the industry leader in process integration, and the design and manufacturing of fully automated industrial process systems. Wastech employs skilled engineers with backgrounds in electrical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, and more, to design and manufacture all manner of waste management systems for clients. Wastech is a certified member of the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA).

You can visit or call (818) 998-3500 to learn more. Wastech Controls and Engineering is located at 21201 Itasca Street in Chatsworth, CA 91311.

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