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WDIV-TV and The Detroit News Exclusive Poll: Lead Grows to Double Digits for Democrats in Race for Michigan – Press Releases

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DETROIT, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – A new exclusive WDIV Local 4 and The Detroit News poll reveals that President Barack Obama now holds a 52.0% to 38.0% lead (+/- 4.0%) over Mitt Romney among likely voters in the Michigan General Election.  The results of this new poll show there has been movement towards the Democrats since an earlier WDIV Local 4 pre-convention survey in August, which had revealed a slimmer lead of 6 points for Obama at 48.0% to 42.0%.  (+/- 4.0%)

Among female voters, Obama now holds a 20-point lead, at 57.0% to 37.0% over Romney, with 5% of women still undecided.  Among men, Obama has taken an 8-point lead at 47% to 39% after having been statistically tied with Romney in the pre-convention survey.

“The numbers show that the Democrats clearly won the battle of the conventions with a big bounce coming out of Charlotte.  For the first time this year, we have seen the fundamentals of this race change with President Obama opening a double digit lead on Mitt Romney,” said Richard Czuba, president of the Glengariff Group, Inc. and pollster for Local 4 News.  “The question moving forward is will the Democratic bounce fade or does it signal a shift in the fundamentals of this race.  Specifically, will independent women remain with the Democratic candidates or will they start to ease back to the Republicans.”

The poll results also show that the clear Democratic advantage has benefited Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, who has expanded her lead over Republican challenger Pete Hoekstra at 49.7% to 33.8%.

WDIV will release additional information from the exclusive poll during Local 4 News, including an in-depth look at the race for the United States Senate and the several proposals set to be on the General Election ballot.  The complete poll results will be posted online at        

The WDIV Local 4 and The Detroit News exclusive poll was conducted by Glengariff Group, Inc. using a 600-person sample of registered Michigan voters who are likely to vote in the Michigan General Election on November 6, 2012.  The live operator telephone survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.0% with a 95% level of confidence.

The effort to delve deeper into the opinions of voters with exclusive surveys is a part of WDIV's long-standing commitment to being a leader in providing comprehensive election coverage and focus on important local and national political issues.  Upcoming Local 4 Decision 2012 election initiatives include:

  • Free Air Time, offering an opportunity for qualified candidates for key races in the WDIV viewer area to directly address voters in the 30 day prior to the general election.
  • Voter's Voice, allowing viewers to ask questions directly to candidates through the stations.
  • Voter Video Patrol, giving cameras to voters to take into their neighborhoods and document issues facing their communities to show candidates what voters are concerned about.
  • Ad Watch and Truth Test, checking the facts on political ad claims.
  • Candidate Comparisons, comparing candidates' history and political positions.
  • The Ultimate Voter Guide, a step-by-step complete resource guide on-air and online designed to help voters become familiar with sample of their ballots, operation of their voting machine, and information regarding their polling location. 

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